GAO Architects’s Unique Project: Modern Apartment Design in Ljubljana

GAO Architects was founded in 1999 by the top interior designer Petra Zakrajšek. The word itself, “GAO”, has a lot of meanings: home, growth, house. GAO Architects design studio has in fact grown, extended and become a consistent group of professional and talented designers who create together interior design projects with their clients: for this team, all the clients represent sources of inspiration.

In each design project, GAO Architects develops a great communication relationship at the same time that they meet all the different needs and wishes of their clients: this was the main reason to build this amazing contemporary interior design project – The Big Showflat in Situla, a unique space designed by them.

These stuff are coming from the wonderful bistro copper mixer tap black copper

Cool design of white tap that match every type of your rooms

The main idea is to put on these black tap

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